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Waterproofing, Adhesives & Sealants

Our range of waterproofing membranes, tile adhesives and sealants suit a wide variety of applications.

More than just waterproofing

The CUREFLEX® range encompasses a number of premium waterproofing membranes for a wide variety of applications, as well as an assortment of primers, sealants and adhesives. Whether its internal, external, immersed or exposed to direct sunlight, CUREFLEX® has a product that you can rely on for your next project. We have also recently introduced a fantastic range of textured floor coatings which are perfect for garage floors, factory floors and commercial kitchens just to name a few.

Want to use CUREFLEX® on your next project?

Demtech provide waterproofing services for a number of major builders in Victoria. With a number of teams located all over Victoria, we are sure to have a team near you!

If you have an upcoming project that requires waterproofing contact the friendly staff at Demtech for a free quote.

What does CUREFLEX® have to offer?

Our new TFC300 range comes in a variety of vibrant colour and finish options including a non-skid finish.

We have a growing range of tile adhesives ranging in strength depending on your application.

Primers for both porous and non-porous surfaces will help your membrane or tile adhesive achieve maximum adhesion.

We have an expansive range of waterproof membranes including heavy duty membranes.

Adhesives & Levellers

Our tile adhesive range currently consists of TT77 Advanced, TX88 Extreme and new TS99 Stonebond. Each of these tile adhesives are suitable for a wide range of applications and all conform to the AS 4992.1 standard. Our SG40 Leveller will help even out your substrate leaving a smooth, flat surface.
Primers & Sealants

We offer primers for both porous and non-porous substrates and surfaces, so no matter the application CUREFLEX® has you covered. Try PG57 Primer if your substrate is porous and LS151 Primer if your substrate is non-porous. Our HV124 Silane is an amazing all-rounder, perfect for use when assembling a new INSITU® shower base or balcony system.

Waterproof Membranes

SLR2000 is our classic acrylic membrane, designed for commercial and residential, interior and exterior use. UVX4000 membrane can withstand constant exposure to the elements and harmful UV light. PCM17 is our fast drying, two-part membrane and NP140 can protect against both positive and negative water flow.

Textured Floor Coatings

Our new Textured Floor Coatings or TFC300 range is available in 10 vibrant colours and an unlimited range of finishes. The two-part coating is easy to mix and apply, covering a small or large area in no time at all. TG50 can be added to the mix to achieve a non-skid finish, just use as little or as much as you desire.


Soft Ash

Ash Orange

Soft Ash Orange

Ash Blue

Soft Ash Blue

Ash Yellow

Soft Ash Yellow

Ash Purple

Soft Ash Purple



Ash Red

Soft Ash Red

Blue Metal

Navy Blue Metal

Ash Teal

Soft Ash Teal

Dark Grey

Night Sky

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CUREFLEX SLR2000 applied over an INSITU Shower Base and bath hob. 

CUREFLEX™ TCF 300 in new ‘Light Grey’ colour coating a warehouse/factory floor.

CUREFLEX™ LS151 resurfacing primer being used on Insitu balcony panels prior to waterproofing. 

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– Our products can be purchased online directly from Demtech, or from one of our many distributors nationwide:Locate Distributors

– We have an installation guide available for download on our website.

– Delivery times may vary depending on the size of your package and where you are purchasing from. Once your package leaves our warehouse we’ll send you a shipment notification email. This email includes the carrier name, tracking number, shipping date and items’ details. You can click the tracking number to track your package on the carrier’s website.

– Products that are unused/undamaged may be returned to Demtech. A refund may be provided at the discretion of Demtech. Custom manufactured products can not be returned for a refund – please take care when ordering custom products.

– Once your package leaves our warehouse we’ll send you a shipment notification email. This email includes the carrier name, tracking number, shipping date and items’ details. You can click the tracking number to track your package on the our website: Track Order

– Our standard shower bases/balcony panels are 45mm thick, however can be custom manufactured at varying thickness’s (25mm – 100mm). Speak to our team if you have a custom thickness requirement.


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