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The Cureflex range includes solutions for all your waterproofing and tiling needs

The Cureflex range encompasses waterproofing membranes for a wide variety of applications, as well as an assortment of tile adhesives. Whether its internal, external, immersed or exposed to direct sunlight, Cureflex has the right membrane or adhesive for you.

SLR-2000 Waterproof Membrane

Easy to Apply

Can be applied with a brush or roller

Designed for domestic and commercial interior or exterior use

It can be used in but not limited to, showers, bathrooms, laundries, balconies

Solvent Free

Water based membrane which is BRANZ approved

Class III Membrane

Complies with AS/NZS 4858:2004 and exceeds the AS3740 requirements set out under 'Waterproofing Wet Areas in Residential Buildings' codes

Our TX88 tile adhesive is a European engineered polymer for high performance adhesion, in all common wet areas as well as completely submerged applications such as swimming pools, ponds and water features.

Available in a range of sizes our LS151 resurfacing primer is perfect for any job you have at hand requiring non-porous surface preparation.

Demtech is trusted by the biggest companies in Australia

Our range of waterproofing membranes and tile adhesives suit a wide variety of applications

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