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Balcony Edge Trim

Balcony Edge Trim provides both a highly functional and very stylish way of completing open edge balcony floors. Our Balcony Edge Trim has an innovative profile that is designed to divert water off facades, providing a stylish approach to keeping the facade of a building looking brand new.


Drip Edge

Prevents staining facades

Weep Holes

Assist in preventing under-tile water build up, which can lead to mould, degradation of rendering or emulsification of membrane and tile adhesive.

Anodised Aluminium

Anticorrosive and will withstand extreme weather conditions, can be powder coated to match any DULUX range.

Balcony Compononents

Our connectors can be used to join multiple lengths on straight or 90 degree angles. Made from ABS, these are UV stabilised.

Our tile trim provide a stylish metal trim finish for tile edges and incorporate a unique weep hole design, which enables flow of water to the drainage point

Our components kit contains all plastic fittings to customise your balcony edge trim however you like, including extension joiners, end caps and corner fittings.

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Form and function come together in our range of practical and aesthetic tile finishing solutions

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