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What makes INSITU™ so special?

INSITU™ Systems are completely graded panelling systems designed to meet the needs of specific shower base and balcony requirements. The systems arrive onsite as complete, ready to install packages including drainage flanges. These versatile panels can be used across a number of applications including, but not limited to, shower bases, balconies, terraces, sub-floors and shower niches.

What are the benefits of INSITU™?

Time and cost savings

Our cost effective method drastically reduces downtime during construction and eliminates the need for screeding.

Precision machined falls

Every INSITU™ shower base and balcony panel is manufactured with perfectly graded falls, meeting and exceeding Australian standards.

Pre-sealed waterproofing

Our lightweight INSITU™ shower base and balcony panels all come with a water resistant coating from our factory improving durability prior to waterproofing.

Set-down or above floor

Our INSITU™ range can be custom made to suit any requirement or project, whether the sub-floor is a set-down or above floor application.

Find out more about INSITU™

INSITU™ Systems is a completely integrated system that offers its own vast range of centre waste and linear water grate arrangements for wet area floors, shower bases and balconies. The ultra-lightweight panels can also be used for shower niches, planter boxes and other wet area substrates.

Suitable for installation on compressed sheeting, hebel, concrete and timber.

As part of the INSITU™ Systems range we have developed a completely concealed shower niche which is made to suit a range of standard and custom sizes.

Our INSITU™ Systems consist of both standard centre waste and custom linear water grate arrangements. A fast, lightweight solution for balconies, terraces, patios and sub floors.

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