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Nero Universal Leak Control Flange

The NERO Leak Control Flange (LCF) creates simplicity when mixing and matching common flanges, grates and pipes. The LCF offers multiple adaptions for both water grates and water pipes and accommodates 50mm, 80mm, 90mm or 100mm pipes. Water grates that are 80mm or 100mm can be installed into the LCF.

Nero Delta Drain

The Delta Drain is a two-part catchment and connection system that comprises of a main body and lid, which work together to provide a deep and wide surface area. This unique system is used for aligning and installing plumbing connections in shower bases, liner grate water systems, toilets, baths and general water waste drainage. The Delta Drain lid is for mechanical fixing. The Delta Drain eliminates the issue of tight tolerances often experienced with a single riser and easily allows for coordination between drains and under floor plumbing connections. It can be used for both upstairs and downstairs applications.

Designer Drain

The new NERO Designer Drain is unlike any other modern shower base drain. It strikes a balance between style and functionality without compromise. The insert lid may be tiled to perfectly match the finish of the shower base. Alternatively, there’s a range of stainless steel covers available in a variety of finishes. The new NERO Designer Drain has been specifically engineered to work with INSITU Systems and can be
ordered together in kits.

Our Temporary Down Pipe is a sustainable and reusable alternative to plastic sleeve piping, successfully directly water away from the dwelling during construction.

Our impressive NERO Designer Drain oozes style and class. Its unique appearance & functionality has redefined the aesthetic and drainage of water in modern showers.

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