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The Importance of CodeMark Certification

Certification is a crucial aspect of the construction industry, ensuring that materials and products used in buildings meet the required standards for safety, performance, and compliance with regulations. In this regard, CodeMark certification is a highly valuable third-party building product certification scheme that is administered by the Australian Building Codes Board (ABCB). This certification scheme provides confidence and certainty to regulatory authorities and the market, giving assurance that the products used in construction projects comply with the National Construction Code (NCC).

One of the key benefits of CodeMark certification is that it supports the use of new and innovative building products by demonstrating their compliance with the necessary standards. The certification process involves a thorough assessment of products against criteria set by building control authorities to ensure they meet the required standards for construction projects. Once a product is certified, a Certificate of Conformity is issued, providing a reliable form of assurance for the product.

At Demtech, we offer a range of CodeMark certified products that have been assessed and approved for use in construction projects. Our certified products include:
-Cureflex SLR2000 Waterproof Membrane
-Cureflex UVX4000 Waterproof Membrane
-Cureflex PCM17 Waterproof Membrane
-Insitu Shower Bases 
-Insitu Shower Niches
-Insitu Shower Shelves
-Insitu Shower Hobs
-Insitu Shower Seats
-Insitu Balcony Panels, and
-Insitu Internal Subfloors

By choosing CodeMark certified products from Demtech, you can have peace of mind knowing that you are using materials that meet the necessary standards for safety and compliance.

To verify whether a product is CodeMark certified, you can easily check the CodeMark Register online. This database allows you to confirm the certification status of a product before incorporating it into your construction project, ensuring that you are using products that meet the required standards.

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