How to use Construction Detail Bandages to Waterproof Joints and Junctions

Whether you're working on a commercial construction project or tackling a DIY home renovation, ensuring that joints and junctions are properly waterproofed is crucial to the longevity and overall success of the build. Our Construction Detail Bandages offer a reliable and effective solution for sealing off these vulnerable areas, preventing water damage and leaks. With three different options to choose from, we have the perfect product to suit any application. Read on to discover how to use each bandage within your construction project. 

1. Flexiban Rubber Joint Bandage

The Flexiban Rubber Joint Bandage is ideal for high-risk areas such as shower cubicles, balconies, and terraces. It features a flexible purple strip in the middle that acts as a built-in bond breaker system, eliminating the need for bond breaker sealants, backing rods, or foam. This bandage is waterproof, vapour proof, and highly resistant to ruptures, chemicals, and water. It is compatible with our range of Cureflex Primers, Waterproofing Membranes, Sealants, and Adhesives, making it an integral part of any waterproofing system.

2. Fibre Joint Bandage

For less critical areas outside of showers, the Fibre Joint Bandage is the perfect choice. This lightweight bandage provides excellent workability and inherent strength, suitable for a range of waterproofing applications where liquid membrane detailing is required. It offers outstanding resistance to chemicals, detergents, and water, and provides protective reinforcement against movement and rot. 

3. Self Adhesive Butyl Tape

Our Self-Adhesive Butyl Tape is a versatile option for sealing internal and external surfaces that require protection against moisture ingress, vibration, and flexing such as puddle flanges and penetrations. It is also ideal for detailing plumbing pipes, PVC, and flashings. This tape offers instant sealing properties with no drying required, and can be easily applied with its peel-and-stick application. It forms an integral part of any waterproofing system, providing excellent protection in high-risk areas without altering membrane performance.

Whether you need to waterproof a shower, balcony, terrace, or any other critical area, our construction detail bandages are the perfect solution. With their high performance, durability, and ease of application, you can trust that your joints and junctions will be properly sealed and protected for years to come.

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