How to apply garage floor coating

garage floor coating

Before you start, always wear the appropriate personal protective equipment! 

Remember, different floor coating products require different preparation and application processes. TFC300 for example, is extremely fast curing and should be re-coated within 1-2 hours of first coat, and is fully trafficable 48 hours after final coat. 

Ensure to familiarise yourself with the product TDS and MSDS prior to application. 

Polyaspartic floor coatings vs expoxy floor coatings?

Cureflex® TFC300 is an innovative polyaspartic floor coating, specifically engineered to provide incredible resistance and durability without compromising on finish quality or customisation options. Polyaspartic floor coatings provide reduced curing times and are typically harder wearing than traditional epoxy floor coatings. This guide will provide you with information regarding the preparation and application process.

TFC300 Part A + Part B

Textured Floor Coatings

$ 209.95$ 999.95 + GST

Discover the perfect alternative to epoxy flooring with our range of Cureflex TFC300 Polyaspartic Coatings.

Fast curing and easy to install, our two part Textured Floor Coatings display incredible flexibility and durability while also being UV stable.

Not to mention, our decorative coatings are scratch, chip, and scuff resistant, making them perfect for use in heavy traffic areas such as garages, warehouses, shopping centres, showrooms, and factories.

Available in 4L and 20L Kits. One 4L Kit completes appx 36m2 (one coat).

Flake finish is also available.

garage floor coating | texture floor coating

This two-part polyaspartic floor coating is extremely hard wearing and fast curing. It can be used as a decorative / protective coating system for a wide range of domestic and commercial environments such as garages, driveways and factories.

  • TFC300 (Combined).pdf
  • TFC300_TDS.pdf
  • TFC300_Part_A_MSDS.pdf
  • TFC300_Part_B_MSDS.pdf


Concrete – must be fully cured for a minimum of 28 days and requires grinding before application (60-80 grit min.).

Particleboard and fibrous compressed sheeting – must be installed according to manufacturer’s recommendations and may require sanding or scuffing before application (100-120 grit min.).

Recoating existing coatings – requires grinding before application (150-180 grit min.).

Repairs to concrete surfaces will require the use ofCureflex® Confix prior to application. Cureflex Confix is a two part, ultra-low viscosity, polyurethane crack and spall repair system for concrete. The ultra-low viscosity allows it to penetrate deep into cracks for excellent adhesion and added strength. Cureflex Confix features a rapid cure rate allowing a return to service in just 1 hour. Surface must be clean, dry and in sound condition. Remove all oil, dust, grease, loose particles and rust.  Combine equal parts of Part A and Part B by volume, 1:1 mix ratio. Quickly mix using a small drill or paint stirrer for 10-15 seconds. Total mixing time should not exceed 1 minute. Product must be used within 3-5 minutes depending on the ambient and substrate temperatures. Scraping and sanding can occur after 30 minutes (60-80 grit is recommended). Cureflex® TFC300 can be applied over cured Confix approx. 60 mins after application.

When applying Cureflex® TFC300, it is recommended to use a lint-free roller cover with a fully supported roller cage. A brush can be used for cutting-in and tight spaces. Back rolling may be required to ensure even application and will help break any vapour lock (air pockets) that may have formed from filling pinholes.


For typical applications 1L = 8-10 m² approx. (500ml Part A + 500mL Part B).

1 x 4L kit (2L Part A + 2L Part B) will cover approx. 36 m² which equates to 1 coat for a standard double car garage. 

A minimum of 2 coats is required. Quantity of material required will vary depending on surface porosity.


Mix/stir Part B thoroughly before use. This is to ensure no colour pigment is settled at the bottom of the container. Then simply combine equal parts of Part A and Part B by volume, 1:1 mix ratio.

Cureflex® Xylene must be added to the mixed material for the first coat (no more than 3-5% of the volume). Mix mechanically on a low to medium speed for no more than 60-90 seconds. It is not recommended to mix more material than can be applied within the pot-life (20-30 minutes). After material is mixed, it should be poured out directly onto the surface to be coated. DO NOT use a roller tray.


Unlike traditional epoxy flooring, re-coating should occur within 1-2 hours. If applying clear coat over colour flake texture finish, this should be applied within 18 hours. Allow at least 4 hours before light foot traffic and 48 hours before return to service. Curing time is highly dependent on temperature and humidity.

Graded Aggregate (Non-Slip) Finishing:

Cureflex® TG50 is a graded aggregate designed to be added to floor coating systems to create a non-slip texture. Cureflex® TG50 is suitable for high-solid systems such as Cureflex TFC300 or other solvent based floor coatings.

Cureflex® TG50 can be added to produce a non-slip finish. This effect provides increased traction yet remains easy to clean. It is recommended that Cureflex® TG50 is applied as part of the final colour/clear coat only. Add 1-3% of the total amount of mixture (Part A + Part B) for the coat being applied. This is equivalent to 10-30g per litre of mixture. Add more or less to create the desired effect.

Cureflex® TG50 should be added to Part B and thoroughly blended prior to mixing with Part A. Apply at a maximum wet film thickness of 0.1 mm for best results. If the wet film thickness is too high, the aggregate effect will be lost and the surface appearance will not be uniform. If a higher film build is required, apply multiple thin coats for best performance and a more uniform appearance.


Option 1. Solid Colour Finish

  • Project -TFC300 -Solid Colour 1
  • Project -TFC300 -Solid Colour 2


Step 1

Prepare the substrate as per the above instructions, including any grinding/concrete repairs.

Step 2

  • Apply first Cureflex® TFC300 colour coat (with 3-5% Xylene)
  • Allow surface to cure tack free (approx. 1-2 hours).

Step 3

  • Apply second coat of Cureflex® TFC 300 colour coat (add 1-3% TG50 to achieve a non-slip finish)
  • Allow surface to cure (Fully trafficable after 48 hours).


Option 2. Colour Flake Texture Finish

  • Project -TFC300 -Flake Application 1
  • Project -TFC300 -Flake Application 3
  • Project -TFC300 -Flake Application 2


Step 1

Prepare the substrate as per the above instructions, including any grinding/concrete repairs.

Step 2

  • Apply first Cureflex® TFC 300 colour coat (with 3-5% Xylene)
  • Allow surface to cure tack free (approx. 1-2 hours).

Step 3

  • Apply second coat of Cureflex® TFC 300 colour coat.
  • Immediately broadcast the colour flakes evenly over the surface to the desired amount/effect.
  • Allow surface to cure (approx. 2-4 hours).

Step 4

  • Gently remove excess colour flakes with a scraper or hard bristle broom.
  • Sweep or vacuum surface so it is free of any loose colour flakes, dust or other particles.

Step 5

  • Apply Cureflex® TFC300 clear coat (within 18hrs of the previous step).
  • Apply additional coats if a smoother finish is desired (after approx. 1-2 hours).

Decorative Flakes


$ 99.99 + GST

Give your walkways that wow factor with our Decorative Flakes.

Specifically crafted for use with polyaspartic and epoxy flooring, these colourful paint flakes can be sprinkled over concrete coatings like our Cureflex TFC300 to enhance both texture and appearance.

With a selection of 20 vibrant colours to choose from, these premium decorative flakes are ideal for transforming outdoor spaces like garages, paths, and driveways.


Soft Ash

Ash Orange

Soft Ash Orange

Ash Blue

Soft Ash Blue

Ash Yellow

Soft Ash Yellow

Ash Purple

Soft Ash Purple



Ash Red

Soft Ash Red

Blue Metal

Navy Blue Metal

Ash Teal

Soft Ash Teal

Dark Grey

Night Sky

These procedures are not intended as specific application instructions. The amount used and final appearance will depend on the specific project undertaken. Proper surface preparation, job-site conditions and adequate safety precautions are the responsibility of the coating’s contractor.


Cureflex® TFC300 polyaspartic coating has been developed to protect and extend the longevity of the floor surface/substrate to which it has been applied, however as Demtech Australia Pty Ltd has no control over substrate preparation and Cureflex® TFC300 installation. When cured Cureflex® TFC300 provides a gloss finish which may vary subject to drying conditions, application techniques and final finished film thickness.


The information contained herein is based on present state of our knowledge and does not guarantee certain properties. Recipients of our products must take responsibility for observing laws and regulations. The information contained within is published free of charge in good faith, based on technical data that Demtech Australia Pty Ltd considers to be reliable.


The information within is intended for use by skilled and/or persons with technical knowledge. They are required to make their own assessment and use product at their own risk and discretion. Information contained in this product sheet conforms to the standard detail recommendations and specification for the use of Demtech Australia products as of the date of this document. Demtech Australia Pty Ltd makes no other warranties and assumes no liability, expressed or implied. To ensure that you are using the most up to date information, contact Demtech Australia Pty Ltd.


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