Introducing the Nero® Cyclone

pan connector

The WMTS-536:2022 specification has officially been published by the ABCB and made publicly available to industry allowing certification of ‘Fixture Connector Adaptor’ products to commence.

Demtech Australia are proud to announce the release of the new Cyclone fixture connector adaptor, which has successfully passed all requirements within the WMTS-536:2022 specification, becoming the first ‘Fixture Connector Adaptor’ on the market to achieve watermark certification to this specification.

pan connector
pan connector

The Nero® Cyclone features a reinforced structural lid with increased surface area which takes the guess work out of aligning drain outlets with underground plumbing. Larger volume and a clever self- cleaning design results in increased flow and reduces the risk of blockages. Compatible 40mm, 50mm and 100mm connector accessories are also available through Demtech – browse through our ‘Sleeve and Grommets’. Made from high quality ABS, the Cyclone is proudly designed and manufactured right here in Australia.

pan connector
pan connector
toilet connector
toilet connector
The Cyclone achieves 100% conformity to the WMTS-536:2022 specification and is 100% fit for purpose for Shower, Bath, and Toilet applications.

Some of the rigorous testing criteria required to be passed in order to achieve watermark compliance are:


  • 120kpa Pressure Testing
  • Thermal Cycling
  • 120kpa Pressure testing post thermal cycling
  • Flush Testing
  • Load Testing
  • High Temp Stress Testing
  • Vacuum Testing

As a result this product is officially Water Mark certified under Water Mark licence WMK26723

In addition, Demtech Australia will be releasing the newCyclone Sleeveaccessory, which is designed to accompany and integrate with the Cyclone for toilet pan connection applications. The unique two-part threaded sleeve accommodates 100mm PVC pipe and features an internal taper for a precise fit every time. A smart inner stopping ring prevents PVC pipe from bottoming out inside the Cyclone and reduces the risk of build-up/blockages from occurring. Made from high quality ABS, the Cyclone sleeve is also proudly designed and manufactured in Australia. 

toilet connector
toilet connector
toilet connector
toilet connector

The Cyclone Sleeve product will also be available for individual sale and use and is certified to AS2887 under Water Mark licence WMK26672

The Cyclone and Cyclone Sleeve products will be released simultaneously to industry without delay superseding the Delta Drain and 100mm Sleeve & Grommet product combination previously manufactured by Demtech Australia.

Demtech Australia are pleased to announce that the sale of the Cyclone and Cyclone Sleeve products will commence from 10th August 2022

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