The Ultimate Solution for Toilet Plumbing Connections

Installing drain outlets in alignment with underground plumbing systems can often feel like a guessing game. But fear not, because with our Nero Delta Drain, you can streamline the process and guarantee a reliable, leak-free plumbing connection.

What is the Nero Delta Drain?

The Nero Delta Drain is a fixture connector adaptor designed specifically for use with toilets, offering a superior drainage system that eliminates worries about blockages. Its self-cleaning design makes maintenance easy and with 40/50/100mm connector accessories available, you can customise the drain to suit your specific needs.

In addition, the Nero Delta Drain is compatible with our Cyclone Sleeve accessory, providing even more flexibility and functionality. 

What sets the Delta Drain apart?

Certified to WaterMark WMTS536:2022 (no. WMK26723), the Nero Delta Drain is proudly Australian designed and manufactured to meet the highest quality and performance standards.

Made from ABS and UV stabilised materials, the drain is non-corrosive and built to withstand the elements without deteriorating over time. 

How does it work?

The Nero Delta Drain makes aligning and installing plumbing connections in toilet pans easier with its innovative two-part catchment system.

The large catchment area helps reduce blockages and backflow, while the durable plastic lid can withstand high load pressures without flexing. By pairing it with our Nero Sleeve and Grommets, your plumbing connections will be fully sealed and leakproof.

So say goodbye to the hassles of tight tolerances and coordination challenges - trust the Nero Delta Drain for a reliable and efficient solution for all your toilet plumbing needs.

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