Maximise Your Shower Space With Our Insitu Shower Shelves

Are you tired of clutter taking up valuable space in your shower? Look no further, because our built-in Insitu Shower Shelves are here to save the day.

Designed to blend in seamlessly with your shower wall, our pre-formed ledges are built without a top section, providing a modern and clean look that will instantly elevate your bathroom. No more unsightly caddies taking up all the space – with our shelves, you can neatly store the whole family’s shampoo, conditioner, and soap bottles in one convenient and stylish location.

Made from the same material as our Insitu Shower Bases, the Australian designed and made shelves are lightweight, offer thermal and acoustic insulation properties, and are completely waterproof. This means you can trust that they are durable and built to last.

Not only are our tile-over Shower Ledges functional, but they can also be customised to suit your bathroom's aesthetic. Whether you want to make them a bold statement piece with contrasting wall tiles or have them discreetly blend in with the rest of your bathroom for a more subtle look, the choice is yours.

So why wait? Upgrade your shower storage with our convenient and stylish pre-formed Shower Shelves today. It's the perfect way to create a more organised and streamlined experience in your bathroom.

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