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Are Your Plumbing and Drainage Products Certified for use in Australia?

Certification is essential for ensuring the quality and safety of products. It guarantees that they have undergone rigorous testing and meet the necessary standards for performance and durability.

Plumbing and drainage products are particularly crucial because a faulty fixture or leaky pipe can result in costly repairs, water damage, or health hazards. This is why it is imperative to prioritise WaterMark certification when purchasing plumbing materials.

What is WaterMark certification?

WaterMark certification is a mandatory scheme managed by the Australian Building Codes Board for certifying plumbing and drainage products. It assures consumers that the products they use are fit for purpose and have been tested and evaluated by an accredited conformity assessment body.

Why is WaterMark certification important?

Opting for WaterMark certified products provides assurance that you are using items that meet the required quality and performance standards. This can help prevent issues like leaks, blockages, or contamination of your water supply.

How do I know if a plumbing product is WaterMark certified?

To verify if a plumbing product is WaterMark certified, look for the WaterMark certification trademark on the product or packaging, along with the WaterMark licence number and the relevant product specification.

Certified products are also listed on the WaterMark Product Database, which allows consumers, industry professionals, and regulators to easily check if a product is certified before purchasing or installing it. This simple check is crucial for ensuring the proper functioning of plumbing and drainage systems, as well as the safety of the water being used.

Some consequences of not using WaterMark certified products where required include:
-costs of replacing materials
-product failure leading to building damage and loss
-potential voided insurance

Therefore, it is essential to always check for the WaterMark on products and packaging before making a purchase, and to inquire with the supplier if this information is not readily available online.

At Demtech, we recognise the significance of using certified products in plumbing and drainage installations. That's why we offer a selection of WaterMark certified drains, flanges, and pan connectors to guarantee the safety and reliability of your plumbing system.

This includes our: 
-Nero Leak Control Flange
-Nero Adjustable Leak Control Flange
-Nero Designer Drain
-Aquaflo Taipan Grates
-Aquaflo Linear Drains
-Nero Delta Drain
-Nero Cyclone Drain
-Nero Cyclone Sleeve

So, don't risk compromising your plumbing system. Choose WaterMark certified products for peace of mind and confidence in quality. It may seem like a minor detail, but it can have a significant impact on the overall performance and lifespan of your plumbing system.

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