Avoiding Drainage Issues Made Easy with the Nero Cyclone Drain + Sleeve!

Navigating the alignment of drain outlets with underground plumbing can be a daunting task. From misalignment issues to compatibility challenges, proper drainage installation can be a headache. But worry no more, because the innovative Nero Cyclone Drain and Sleeve are here to take the guesswork out of the equation and provide a seamless solution to all your drainage issues.

Nero Cyclone Drain: Perfect Alignment, Enhanced Flow

The Nero Cyclone Drain is a pan connector adapter designed to simplify the connection between plumbing and the slab. Its primary purpose is to align drain outlets with underground plumbing systems, preventing misalignment that can lead to leaks, blockages, and inefficient drainage. Here's what sets it apart:

-Compatibility: The Cyclone Drain is precision manufactured for compatibility with a 100mm PVC drainage pipe connection to the underside, and a range of different sanitary waste connections to the top side. This ensures a versatile connection adaption, resulting in a leak-free seal every single time.

-Easier Alignment: With the Nero Cyclone Drain uncertainty is greatly reduced, making aligning drain outlets a breeze. Its larger surface area offers greater flexibility and tolerance, resulting in a significantly decreased margin for error during installation.

-Self-Cleaning Design: The Cyclone Drain features a self-cleaning design that increases flow and reduces the risk of blockages, allowing you to enjoy efficient drainage with minimal maintenance.

-Longevity: The Cyclone Drain is made from high quality ABS and features a reinforced structural lid to ensure a durable and reliable plumbing connection.

Another remarkable feature that sets the Nero Cyclone Drain apart is its WaterMark certification. It is currently the only product in Australia that has passed the full extent of test criteria as set out in WMTS536:2022 including the hot water testing requirements, which means you can confidently use the Nero Cyclone Drain not just for toilets but also for showers and baths.

Nero Cyclone Sleeve: Precise Fit, Leakage Prevention

The Nero Cyclone Sleeve is specifically designed to ensure a perfect toilet pan connection every single time. This two-part threaded sleeve offers a variety of benefits that guarantee a watertight and secure fit:

-Prevents Misplacement: The Cyclone Sleeve prevents the toilet connection from being bottomed out in the pan, eliminating the risk of reduced flow, blockage, backflow, and bad odour issues.

-Locks into Place: Once installed, the Cyclone Sleeve locks securely, ensuring a reliable and long-lasting connection between the toilet pan and plumbing pipe. This is achieved without having to make penetrations in the pan lid, resulting in a leakproof and compliant connection.

-Internal Taper: The sleeve's internal taper provides a precise fit for 100mm PVC pipes, leaving no room for leaks or faulty connections.

The Nero Cyclone Sleeve is a better choice compared to traditional drain options. It removes the need for fragile plastic or heavy cement lids and pans that are only suitable for WC applications. Unlike these other products that can be failure prone, the Nero Cyclone Sleeve is durable, long-lasting, and reliable.

The Ultimate Solution for Drainage Issues

The Nero Cyclone Drain and Sleeve are a dynamic duo that solve multiple difficult installation situations and offer a reliable solution to drainage issues. Their easy installation, watertight connections, and certification to be used in the all three WC, shower, and bath applications make them the go-to choices whether you're a builder or a plumber.

So, don't let alignment issues or leaks dampen your plumbing projects. Choose the Nero Cyclone Drain and Sleeve for seamless connections and peace of mind. These exceptional products are available for purchase directly from our website, ensuring you have easy access to the solutions you need.

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