Demtech Pty Ltd is a privately owned Australian company head quartered in Melbourne, VIC. The company has been providing high quality and innovative building and construction products for over 20 years. Its product range including but not limited to waterproofing products, water channels, shower bases, leak control flanges, tile adhesives, flexible junction bandages, waterproof membranes, internal and external wet area subfloor and screed replacement panelling systems.

Demtech is committed to running an efficient organization based on well implemented and understood processes and in meeting and exceeding customer needs and expectations.  

Demtech intends on meeting its commitment through: 

– The implementation of Demtech Quality Management System and governing all Demtech’s activities and services.

– The establishment of objectives and strategies that are measurable, monitored and evaluated for effectiveness.

– Provision of open and honest communication with all its stakeholders and other interested parties.

– Information, instruction, and training necessary in meeting organizational objectives and customer needs.

– Engage in activities to identify and address opportunities for improvement and promote continual improvement for the organisation.

– Ensuring all legislative and other organizational compliance requirements are met.

– Certification and compliance of its products and services to applicable standards and legislation to ensure quality of its products.

– Ensuring the Demtech Quality Management System provide a framework for continuous improvement.

Demtech intends on meeting its above commitment by also ensuring its processes are developed, maintained, and continually improved within a risk management framework designed to protect process, organizational and customer outcome requirements. 

Updated: 21/04/2021 (Version 1)