How to Stop Water Escaping From the Shower

Are you tired of dealing with water spilling out of the shower and onto your bathroom floor? Look no further than our tile-over Shower Hobs! These innovative hobs are designed to prevent water from escaping your shower, helping to reduce the risk of water damage and falls.

Our Shower Hobs are manufactured from a lightweight, high-density PU foam, making them incredibly durable and fully waterproof. They come factory coated in our Cureflex SLR2000 Waterproof Membrane for added protection, ensuring that they will last for years to come.

One of the best features of our Insitu Shower Hobs is that they can be easily cut or joined together to create shorter or longer hobs. This flexibility gives you the ability to customise them on site to suit your design needs.

Better yet, our Shower Hobs are now officially CodeMark Certified to the National Construction Code 2022! With this certification, you can trust that our hobs meet the highest standards of quality and safety and are ready to perform as intended.

So why let water damage or falls ruin your shower experience? Invest in our tile-over Shower Hobs today and enjoy a worry-free shower experience. With their durability, water impermeability, and customisable features, our shower hobs are the perfect solution for your bathroom needs.

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