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Aquaflo Flyer  Coverplates

LUXE Design Water Grate

LUXE Design Water Grate

Provides sophisticated yet elegant options in comparison to standard chrome water grates. Interchangeable Coverplates offers a variety of elegant finishes. Available in anodised aluminium or stainless steel.

All the below aluminium and lazercut stainless steel options are also available in 120 x 100mm Coverplates.

Diamond Arc Series

Diamond Arc Series

Diamond Arc Coverplates are made from premium  ‘marine grade stainless steel’ which provides a durable, robust finish.

Diamond Arc is architectually designed to function in conjunction with 25mm Aquaflo Linear Grate Systems, offering a unique removable 2 part system. Clever engineering in design allows the inner grate to separate from the outer rim. This allows easy access for cleaning maintenance while the outer rim provides a solid, yet neat finish for the tile edges etc.

Removable Grate System

Assembled Grate System

Assembled in Channel

Left & Right Corners







Linear Grate System

Linear Grate System

Traditionally, most water grates provide a slotted opening to allow water to flow. Taking an unorthodox approach, Demtech’s Aquaflo provide a unique water channel coverplate arrangement that disperses water via 5mm opening on either side of the coverplate. The opening has been accurately designed for water to flow freely without any restrictions.


Aquaflo Channel mounting plate is made to sit flush in a rebate arrangement under tiled surface.  The mounting plate is designed with a solid flat surface that provides a water tight seal. Designed to sit flush / inline with substrate surface provides unrestricted entry point to allow water to flow through back into the water trough section of the channel.  Unless grout joints are sealed regularly, water usually penetrates beyond these joints that continue to flow below the underside of floor tiles.  This is common with all standard unsealed tiled shower / balconies.

Aquaflo waterflow

‘Aquaflo’s Upstand’ has been specifically designed for wall lining applications.
It’s purpose is to provide a water tight saddle that allows both wall lining and wall tile to rest and be sealed within the Aquaflo assembly.

The Upstand features a perforation, which gives the user the option to remove the Upstand is generally applied when installing Aquaflo off the wall.




LG 50mm


LG 100mm



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